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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dude!!!!! Where the @%$# have you been?!?!


I know, I know....what a slacker!!! Haha. Seriously though...not to have any excuses...but i have been mind boggled lately!! There is already a biz offline that has captured my heart, that i am totally passionate about...but i have been really, really tearing into the internet lately. And let me tell you in case there's actually one person viewing this that doesn't know's a jungle in here!!!!

It appears that my main You Tube account is finally back up!!! About time!! So i am kind of reinventing my approach to everything. But i promise you this friends, from now on, when i release anything at all that i want to draw your attention to, i will make sure that it is packed with value!! Alright well, the video is long enough, so i will shut up here and let it speak for me...and oh yeah...if music starts up right away on this page, the Mixpod player is just to your right, a little ways down. So find it and hit the pause button.

You can always catch me on Facebook, (my badge is on the right, just click on it) and you can also find me at, and even sometimes LIVE!!!!! .

So take care and i will be back very soon!!!!

Shane Williams