The purpose of my blog is to hopefully encourage other unique individuals to pursue their dreams by becoming totally self-sufficient through creating their own freedom and income, and not having to depend on and be a slave to their j.o.b. All of my contact sites are at, . Thanks so much for viewing my blog!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dude!!!!! Where the @%$# have you been?!?!


I know, I know....what a slacker!!! Haha. Seriously though...not to have any excuses...but i have been mind boggled lately!! There is already a biz offline that has captured my heart, that i am totally passionate about...but i have been really, really tearing into the internet lately. And let me tell you in case there's actually one person viewing this that doesn't know's a jungle in here!!!!

It appears that my main You Tube account is finally back up!!! About time!! So i am kind of reinventing my approach to everything. But i promise you this friends, from now on, when i release anything at all that i want to draw your attention to, i will make sure that it is packed with value!! Alright well, the video is long enough, so i will shut up here and let it speak for me...and oh yeah...if music starts up right away on this page, the Mixpod player is just to your right, a little ways down. So find it and hit the pause button.

You can always catch me on Facebook, (my badge is on the right, just click on it) and you can also find me at, and even sometimes LIVE!!!!! .

So take care and i will be back very soon!!!!

Shane Williams

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



I have been a big time slacker lately! I have been busy on the computer but have been slacking big time on my blog, and there is just no excuse for that! I was recently shut down on You Tube because a couple of my videos were geared towards a business, and someone flagged them. Not cool! I will get back to that on another post.
If you would like to pause the music to play the video, the player is on the right side just a little ways down. This video was actually done a couple weeks ago right before i went to the beach for a week. No huge political statement here friends. Just me being very appreciative of having free time. As always, thanks for the views!!

Have an amazing day!!

Shane Williams

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family First!

Family comes first!

Indeed. Sometimes i can be stubborn, hard headed, anal, a perfectionist, etc... . If i set my mind on something i really need, or usually just WANT to get done, then i get pretty frustrated if i get side tracked. Is this the case with you?
The video pretty much says it all, i don't need to write a novel here. There is plenty of work or homework that COULD be getting done, but if it interferes with family obligations, then you need to weigh your options. Yes, if you have a home-based biz that is supplying 100% of your income, then you should definitely treat it as a regular full-time job, especially if you want to see real results, but.......but.....what was the point of you working from home in the first place?!?! If you have a spouse or a whole family, then one of the biggest reasons was probably to spend more time with them and enjoy some freedom, and help out around the castle.
So in my new found freedom, i found a new dilemma. How to be the most productive in my own biz, as i should be in the family biz. I hope this outlook is helpful to anyone dealing with the same situation. Calm down, re-adjust, re-focus, and just set your priorities. If work always comes first, then you're family may someday say, "Peace, We're outta here!" And that's not cool. So focus on what really matters in life, and then you'll find time for priority #2. You don't wanna be on your death bed thinking, "I wish i could've spent more time with my loved ones." Because then, of course, it's waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too late!

Haha! Thank you so much for viewing! Take care and love your life!!!

Shane Williams

Monday, March 1, 2010


Howdy Ho!

Controversy. I can't really claim to be an expert on this subject, because my dealings with it are pretty one sided. Sure, I myself may stir up some emotions sometimes. However, when it comes down to what other people are emitting from themselves, i think i was born with a super absorbent, self renewing filter. Huh? It's really easy to only pay attention to the stuff you want to. If you think for even a moment that something might easily offend you, then why would you probe further? DON'T click with your mouse, CHANGE the channel, TURN the page, and COVER your ears.
Why would you ever allow something to offend you in the first place? I know why. Because as a human you are curious about what comes next. You may be a natural debater and need to cause conflict to be happy. You may even think that you're own views are far superior and they should be forced on others. So if that is how you work, then who is really the controversial one? The person who simply stated their own opinion, or the one who fired back in retaliation with their own? Hmmmmmm.
As for my own content, if i ever display material, or make a remark about something you don't see eye to eye on, awesome! Let me know about it... in a mature manner. Let's discuss our views and dig into each others minds. When it's all said and done we will still be friends and have a new respect for each other based on what we have just learned. We have all had different upbringings, different or non-religions, different peers, different support. That's what makes you you, and that's what makes you human. So i will be as controversial as possible. Meaning i will continue to be my own person and think differently and practice individualism - break away from the norm. If i don't care for another person's views, i will avoid being involved in the first place. If you can't help but be involved in something that bothers you, take a breath, clear your anger, and suggest a discussion on the topic.
We're not little school kids anymore. No need to lose our heads over written words on a screen. Surround yourself with the kind of material you appreciate in the first place, and you will always be at peace. As always, i thank you for sharing your time with me.

To the ever improving you,

Shane Williams

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tax Money

Greetings fellow taxpayers!

So, for those of you who DO get to see a return, what does that mean to you? I'm guessing if you're human that it's the typical "Wooooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!!!!". It is either a part of your income that you depend on, or if you're in a job where you strictly get a paycheck, then it can seem like a much needed bonus.
The first impulse is to think of stuff that you've realllllly been wanting or day dreaming about... probably since your last return. Maybe there's a couple of home improvements you want to take care of, maybe you had to borrow money to pay some bills so you need to pay it back, or maybe you've been promising the family a fun trip and this is your only means to make that happen. Those are all great reasons to put the money towards.
Of course what isn't is a car stereo, a plasma or LCD big screen TV, a down payment on a car payment, etc... . Those are things that we want and definitely feel that we deserve as a reward for working so hard throughout the previous year. However, is it a necessity? Those of you who are making the level of income you want, have the freedom you want, have all areas of life protection in place, and know how to manage your money, then bravo! You are not the majority.
If you're stuck in a dead end job, struggle to get by, don't have the schedule you want, wish you could spend a lot more time with your family, and just can't realistically see how next year is going to be any different from this year, then i'm talking to you. Your fear and excuse of money has prevented you from attempting to change your lifestyle. With the available funds, you can easily afford to begin the process to transition into the new you. You can get started in another area and be able to wait for your efforts to kick in, without affecting your monthly budget. How will you ever know if you never try? Are you prepared to live with the pain of change, or would you prefer the pain of regret? Hmmmmm. But you might really need that new TV. If you are interested in making a change, there are lots of awesome opportunities out there waiting for you. Find them on your own, or ask me what i do to keep me smiling every single day.

To your finances,

$hane William$

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just another stream of income...


This blog post is just to announce another opportunity i have just become involved with. For those of you who tune in to my blog just for motivation, and inspiration, you don't need to feel as if i'm spamming you. This is intended for those of you who are either already involved in any type of network marketing, or work from home business and are simply looking to add an additional stream of income. This can also very well cater to those of you who are looking to start a smooth transition from your job into the work from home biz, or even if you never have any intentions of leaving your job because you are so madly in love with it.
I am already and have been with my main marketing company, . I love that biz and am doing awesome with it. However just to shake things up, a sister company has been created to add a true residual income aspect to this line of marketing. I have no problem being involved with both because they both run on auto-pilot. I can be gone from home on vacation everyday, and this would still produce the same results. So again, i would never want to deter you from what you are already passionate about. This is strictly another source of awesome income...coming directly to YOU!
Everything is in pre-launch right now so the joining capital needed up front is insanely low. This will blow up big time, and what i'm most excited about is that this is starting right around tax season. You will have no problem finding people who are looking to start their own business, and will actually have the funds to do so. So please check out . If this appeals to you at all, then simply leave your contact info on the website. At the time of this post, i did not have my 24hr recording in place on the website, but once that is up, that is the best way to find out everything. After the call you will be directly connected to me. If this isn't for you, no sweat, because you need to find your niche. There is something amazing waiting for you out there and i hope you find it.

Best wishes in all your endeavors!

$hane William$

Monday, February 22, 2010

What's your excuse?

So.....too immature with the video? Ahh c'mon, i am totally getting more comfortable with the camera and kissing the comfort zone goodbye. We all like to be entertained right? Back to the topic...what's your excuse?! I hear so many people complaining all the time about money. One second it's about how they're so depressed because they think they have it rough financially, and then you see them going out to dinner, buying a new phone, going to the movies, buying a new pair of shoes, etc.....
Now i don't expect everyone i talk to to want to sign up with my business, (even though i won't stop you!), but if you're not interested in seriously making extra income, then quit your complaining. You are already doing something with money. Why not go from wasting it to investing it. Invest in you. What will that movie you went and saw be worth a year from now? How about going out to eat all the time? Is that going to prevent you from being hungry next week? No way. So put you're money towards something that you at least have a chance of seeing a return on it. Your excuse for not getting involved in a very legit, very rewarding biz opp is not money. It is fear. Let's be honest.
To your possibilities,

Shane Williams

Friday, February 19, 2010

Keep it real.

I did not mean for this video to come off as an attack. It's more of a reaction to the wonderment that is the web. Yes, you have to pitch your product or your biz, but there is a right way to do that. Use tact. Don't come off like Matthew Lesko,(the wacko on the info-mercials with the question marks all over his jacket pitching the government grant programs), because we're gonna tune you out.
You may have something that i WOULD be very interested in seeing. But you can't kiss me before you buy me dinner. Act like you recognize me as a fellow human, and i'll return the favor. Say hi, nice to meet you, you have a great looking family, how long have you been in your biz, etc.... anything to show me that you see me. Competition is very tough these days. The fast talking, chain smoking, slicked back hair car salesmen doesn't stand a chance. And please..... don't use a symbol to represent you on your profile pic on media sites. Use your own pic. Use your real name. Get the hint? Be real about yourself and have a genuine interest in others, and the results will be absolutely phenomenol.

Best wishes!

Shane Williams

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Alrighty party people. Yes i was inspired by a book i just read to my 2 yr old......and? You're dealing with a guy that gets amazing vision from fortune cookies! The glass is always half full. So besides a super positive attitude, what else should you have in your arsenal? Courage.
Courage is the difference between a winner and a loser. Who cares if you end up failing at something? Did you try? Did you muster up the courage to really put in an honest effort? You can live with the pain of failure, or the pain of regret. Cowards have LOTS of regrets and it eats at them everyday. But that's not you. The fact that you we're even willing to view this blog means that you are open minded and ready to experience new things You were courageous in checking out what i had to say and i thank you for that!

Be good!

Shane Williams

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Find your niche.

This video is a hair lengthy, at least compared to all the others on here so far. For that reason i won't need to go into too much detail right here. There is a ton of useful information on the net and on youtube. If want want training in anything technical about getting your business up and's there for you, so take advantage of it! However something i feel that there can never be too much of is a source of encouragement.
So in pondering exactly which direction i wanted to stay true to in my internet self creating journey, i realized that the area i'm most comfortable in and the area i have the most experience in, is encouraging others to GET OFF THEIR BUTT AND MAKE A DECISION! If you don't make any firm decisions about your future, then you will stay exactly the same. Blahhhhh! Let's grow together! I am so far from perfect, but i know what i want, and if you give me a fair chance, maybe we can brainstorm together and find out where you're supposed to be. But find your niche. There is a place out there that NEEDS YOU. It's ready, willing and able to create the life you want. You just have to make a choice. To want. Something more.

I'm here for you, so let's connect!

Shane Williams

Monday, February 15, 2010

On being coachable.

Ahhhhh, the importance of listening instead of doing all the talking. It is indeed a challenge. Some people might feel completely lost in a scary, new world and actually be willing to not only listen to what others have to say, but go above and beyond that and ASK for help.
These are the people whose success rate is likely to be much higher than the stubborn ones out there. You know the type. "Don't worry, i'll figure it out." Or, "what makes you such an expert?". It's the typical guy thing. Like how when you're driving you won't pull over to ask for directions.
This is why some women can easily surpass a man at alot of things. Because there's not the huge pride, ego thing going on. This applies to asking for tips on setting up a blog, all the way up to prospecting, or any other area in building your business. Of course you can see the value of being coachable in any area of life, however i am aiming it at a business sense. Point being: if you want to take a shortcut to get on the fast track, then don't be shy. Find someone who is kicking butt at what they do and say, "can you please help me?". That's it.

Shane Williams

Please excuse the construction!


I was recently alerted to the fact that my videos were not working on here in the blogger format. (Thank you Nathan!) So i had to delete my posts and resubmit them. This is why you will see the Valentine's Day post show the 15th, instead of the 14th when it was originally posted. I am also still playing with the layout of the page too. So please bear with me and i should have everything in order very soon. Please continue to check back often as i will at least make sure that the video is functioning, and the text is posted, which is what really matters.

Thank you!

Shane Williams

One of my sources of motivation.

Greetings everyone,

I was slacking on getting this video up yesterday, so i will do 2 seperate posts today. I told you i would make every effort to post daily and i'm a man of my word. So..... the video i did was based on what helps keep me motivated. It gives quite a plug to a popular magazine; but not popular enough in my opinion.
For many, many years i have filled my head with garbage. Now when i say garbage i don't mean that it wasn't entertaining, because it was very entertaining. Without naming specific magazines i will say that i could sit and read all the Hollywood gossip, latest upcoming movies and television shows, and other mags just based on flashy material objects that i was in no way of a position to purchase. Now while any of that can be acceptable bathroom reading material, it just doesn't really allow room for growth.
The time that i now allow for reading, reading anything at all, is strictly dedicated to growth. Educational, inspirational, spiritual, financially rewarding, business building growth.There just isn't enough time in a day for any useless fluff. There's still plenty of times that you just need to clear your mind and take a break from something, wether that means enjoying a movie or whatever form of entertainment you're into. However the bulk of your day should be dedicated to the the pursuit of your dreams. I found that once i made the choice to only allow positive, life-enriching material to enter my mind ........ hello major progress! So please take a moment to view the video to see which amazing source of motivation i am referring to. If for any reason there's ever any trouble viewing the videos on my blog, please let me know a.s.a.p. and i will resolve the issue. Also please rate and subscribe to my channel on you tube.

Thank you!!!
Shane Williams

Introduction to my blog.

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I will make this very short and sweet because who wants to read a long rambling when they're just meeting someone? And i don't want to make my blog posts about me, because it's all about you! I am a family man that has been on a mission lately to ditch all the negative influences in my life. Once i found that i needed to avoid conversations in my life that focused on people complaining about their problems and hearing them participate in self destructive behavior, and watching all the bad stuff on the news, and reading pointless gossip mags ....... is when life started getting better.
I don't mean that you should necessarily just cut off your friends and family completely, but alot of stuff they're throwing your way you need to be able to deflect it and not let it soak in and prevent you from going where you want to be in life. Whatever goals, dreams, desires you have..... just do it! Go for it! On your personal cruise ship there's only room for one navigator ...... you! I will be trying to keep this updated daily as well as making daily videos that will appear on here as well as my facebook page. Thanks again for spending your precious time with me and i hope you'll be back soon.
Here's to you!

Shane Williams

Happy Valentine's Day 2010!

Hello lovers,

Hope your day is filled with bountiful love; i know mine is! Of course with an absolutely gorgeous wife and 5 incredible children in my home, there is plenty of love to go around. The video message to this post was originally a minute longer. There's something funky going on with my webcam that puts me into extreme slow motion after a minute of taping.
Material items aside, we can really focus on showing our loved ones how much we care for them on this day. We shouldn't need a date on the calender to remind us of this, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Focus today on the ability to love; and not just a single person. We're all capable of it and are mostly resistent to express it- (the author of this post included!). So in the spirit of St. Valentine,truly express your love and caring compassion for others. This can come in the form of gifts or a love letter to a spouse, or a simple but genuine compliment to a complete stranger. While expecting nothing in return, your kind words and gestures can do wonders to anyone on the receiving end.

Peace, LOVE, and happiness to all,

Shane Williams