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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Family First!

Family comes first!

Indeed. Sometimes i can be stubborn, hard headed, anal, a perfectionist, etc... . If i set my mind on something i really need, or usually just WANT to get done, then i get pretty frustrated if i get side tracked. Is this the case with you?
The video pretty much says it all, i don't need to write a novel here. There is plenty of work or homework that COULD be getting done, but if it interferes with family obligations, then you need to weigh your options. Yes, if you have a home-based biz that is supplying 100% of your income, then you should definitely treat it as a regular full-time job, especially if you want to see real results, but.......but.....what was the point of you working from home in the first place?!?! If you have a spouse or a whole family, then one of the biggest reasons was probably to spend more time with them and enjoy some freedom, and help out around the castle.
So in my new found freedom, i found a new dilemma. How to be the most productive in my own biz, as i should be in the family biz. I hope this outlook is helpful to anyone dealing with the same situation. Calm down, re-adjust, re-focus, and just set your priorities. If work always comes first, then you're family may someday say, "Peace, We're outta here!" And that's not cool. So focus on what really matters in life, and then you'll find time for priority #2. You don't wanna be on your death bed thinking, "I wish i could've spent more time with my loved ones." Because then, of course, it's waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too late!

Haha! Thank you so much for viewing! Take care and love your life!!!

Shane Williams

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