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Monday, March 1, 2010


Howdy Ho!

Controversy. I can't really claim to be an expert on this subject, because my dealings with it are pretty one sided. Sure, I myself may stir up some emotions sometimes. However, when it comes down to what other people are emitting from themselves, i think i was born with a super absorbent, self renewing filter. Huh? It's really easy to only pay attention to the stuff you want to. If you think for even a moment that something might easily offend you, then why would you probe further? DON'T click with your mouse, CHANGE the channel, TURN the page, and COVER your ears.
Why would you ever allow something to offend you in the first place? I know why. Because as a human you are curious about what comes next. You may be a natural debater and need to cause conflict to be happy. You may even think that you're own views are far superior and they should be forced on others. So if that is how you work, then who is really the controversial one? The person who simply stated their own opinion, or the one who fired back in retaliation with their own? Hmmmmmm.
As for my own content, if i ever display material, or make a remark about something you don't see eye to eye on, awesome! Let me know about it... in a mature manner. Let's discuss our views and dig into each others minds. When it's all said and done we will still be friends and have a new respect for each other based on what we have just learned. We have all had different upbringings, different or non-religions, different peers, different support. That's what makes you you, and that's what makes you human. So i will be as controversial as possible. Meaning i will continue to be my own person and think differently and practice individualism - break away from the norm. If i don't care for another person's views, i will avoid being involved in the first place. If you can't help but be involved in something that bothers you, take a breath, clear your anger, and suggest a discussion on the topic.
We're not little school kids anymore. No need to lose our heads over written words on a screen. Surround yourself with the kind of material you appreciate in the first place, and you will always be at peace. As always, i thank you for sharing your time with me.

To the ever improving you,

Shane Williams


Wiccan Things said...

Awesome job as always and excellent points made here Shane. Thank you!

Laura Newton said...

Well said Shane. Very respectable approach. I look forward to your blog posts, and hope we get a chance to chat soon. Laura

Shane Williams said...

Thanks guys! Sorry if i,ve been slacking on getting comments to your sites. There's still a lot about blogger that i haven't learned yet. The best way for me to chat Laura is on Skype. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hmm that's interessting but frankly i have a hard time figuring it... wonder how others think about this..

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

Shane Williams said...

What part did you not understand, anonymous? i'd love to discuss it with you. There wasn't really anything technical to it. Thanks for your response mystery guest!