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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tax Money

Greetings fellow taxpayers!

So, for those of you who DO get to see a return, what does that mean to you? I'm guessing if you're human that it's the typical "Wooooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!!!!". It is either a part of your income that you depend on, or if you're in a job where you strictly get a paycheck, then it can seem like a much needed bonus.
The first impulse is to think of stuff that you've realllllly been wanting or day dreaming about... probably since your last return. Maybe there's a couple of home improvements you want to take care of, maybe you had to borrow money to pay some bills so you need to pay it back, or maybe you've been promising the family a fun trip and this is your only means to make that happen. Those are all great reasons to put the money towards.
Of course what isn't is a car stereo, a plasma or LCD big screen TV, a down payment on a car payment, etc... . Those are things that we want and definitely feel that we deserve as a reward for working so hard throughout the previous year. However, is it a necessity? Those of you who are making the level of income you want, have the freedom you want, have all areas of life protection in place, and know how to manage your money, then bravo! You are not the majority.
If you're stuck in a dead end job, struggle to get by, don't have the schedule you want, wish you could spend a lot more time with your family, and just can't realistically see how next year is going to be any different from this year, then i'm talking to you. Your fear and excuse of money has prevented you from attempting to change your lifestyle. With the available funds, you can easily afford to begin the process to transition into the new you. You can get started in another area and be able to wait for your efforts to kick in, without affecting your monthly budget. How will you ever know if you never try? Are you prepared to live with the pain of change, or would you prefer the pain of regret? Hmmmmm. But you might really need that new TV. If you are interested in making a change, there are lots of awesome opportunities out there waiting for you. Find them on your own, or ask me what i do to keep me smiling every single day.

To your finances,

$hane William$


The Running Man Ray's Words said...

Well going back to the Tax refund situation, Most people don't realize that a tax return is money you earned anyways,it's not free money, it is your money that was withheld from the previous years paychecks, its not free money, it was yours all along. Most people dont know that they can go to their HR person at their J.O.B. and with the right formula (depending on number of dependents, average yearly return and a few other factors) actually never have all that money taken out of their paychecks in the first place.
Note: Consult with a financial adviser first, because if you screw this up you will end up owning the Government money, If you do it how it suppose to be done you just gave yourself the raise that you had all along. And its perfectly legal!!! Don't believe me ask a tax lawyer.

Shane Williams said...

Absolutely Ray. I think that's all common sense stuff there. Most people know what tax money is. And from people I've been around over the years, they enjoy making sure they would never owe and then receiving the return. I received my $6,000 this year and reinvested it into my business instead of spending it on something i didn't really need, so that was my point with this one. I look at a return as a way of forcing yourself to save some money, some of YOUR OWN money. There's a lot of bad money managers out there who, no matter how much they make, continue to live check to check. Thanks for your comments Ray, i'm always up for a chat. Take care.

Shane Williams said...

When it comes to taxes, here's what i'm most excited about.... having to owe a bunch! What!? Huh!? My friend, who recently got me started in the same biz as him, made 400k last year. He paid 70k in taxes. Since he works 100% from home, i had asked him if any negative person actually had the nerve to ever say to him, "yeah you say you have money, but you don't REALLY have a job". He laughed and said that his response to that is, " i'm a contributing member of society, i pay more in taxes than you make in a year". Ohhhhhhhh snap! That will be my tune next year. The more you make, the more you owe, and i can't wait!