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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just another stream of income...


This blog post is just to announce another opportunity i have just become involved with. For those of you who tune in to my blog just for motivation, and inspiration, you don't need to feel as if i'm spamming you. This is intended for those of you who are either already involved in any type of network marketing, or work from home business and are simply looking to add an additional stream of income. This can also very well cater to those of you who are looking to start a smooth transition from your job into the work from home biz, or even if you never have any intentions of leaving your job because you are so madly in love with it.
I am already and have been with my main marketing company, . I love that biz and am doing awesome with it. However just to shake things up, a sister company has been created to add a true residual income aspect to this line of marketing. I have no problem being involved with both because they both run on auto-pilot. I can be gone from home on vacation everyday, and this would still produce the same results. So again, i would never want to deter you from what you are already passionate about. This is strictly another source of awesome income...coming directly to YOU!
Everything is in pre-launch right now so the joining capital needed up front is insanely low. This will blow up big time, and what i'm most excited about is that this is starting right around tax season. You will have no problem finding people who are looking to start their own business, and will actually have the funds to do so. So please check out . If this appeals to you at all, then simply leave your contact info on the website. At the time of this post, i did not have my 24hr recording in place on the website, but once that is up, that is the best way to find out everything. After the call you will be directly connected to me. If this isn't for you, no sweat, because you need to find your niche. There is something amazing waiting for you out there and i hope you find it.

Best wishes in all your endeavors!

$hane William$

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