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Monday, February 22, 2010

What's your excuse?

So.....too immature with the video? Ahh c'mon, i am totally getting more comfortable with the camera and kissing the comfort zone goodbye. We all like to be entertained right? Back to the topic...what's your excuse?! I hear so many people complaining all the time about money. One second it's about how they're so depressed because they think they have it rough financially, and then you see them going out to dinner, buying a new phone, going to the movies, buying a new pair of shoes, etc.....
Now i don't expect everyone i talk to to want to sign up with my business, (even though i won't stop you!), but if you're not interested in seriously making extra income, then quit your complaining. You are already doing something with money. Why not go from wasting it to investing it. Invest in you. What will that movie you went and saw be worth a year from now? How about going out to eat all the time? Is that going to prevent you from being hungry next week? No way. So put you're money towards something that you at least have a chance of seeing a return on it. Your excuse for not getting involved in a very legit, very rewarding biz opp is not money. It is fear. Let's be honest.
To your possibilities,

Shane Williams

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